Healthy Pets - Does not work

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i am pissed that i have paid 52.00 for a package of 4 and i used it within a month and my dog still has fleas!!!i think this is a rip off!!!!

the way i see it is i paid 52.00 and all it did was fed the fleas!!!! not happy about that!!! would like my money back so i can try something different!!! i can not afford 52.

when the product does not even work!!!!

my dog is still scratching and digging at her self dont think that it is fair to her or me!!!!want my money back!!!!!

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Healthy Pets - Horrible customer service-the worst online shopping experience

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A BIG WARNING -- I tried to place an order with healthypets since before June 15.On June 15th, I "chatted" with service rep George because the 15% customer appreciation month coupon didn't work.

He said to place my order and he would apply the discount. I placed the order and forwarded him my order number. He emailed back that it was not a valid order number. I placed additional orders but he said none went through - none were valid.

I contacted him again this last Wednesday (19th)- to place a phone order. He said I already had 3 duplicate orders placed - all had been flagged. He placed me on hold-talked with some other office people - came back and said that all but one of my orders would be cancelled and it would go out the next day - Thursday (20th). He said he would apply my 15% discount and send an email.

I received no email so I inquired to healthypets customer service by email Sunday (23rd) - I received an automated response that healthypets had received my request - but no response followed. I chatted online (24th) with customer rep Joey and explained I needed my order. He checked and provided my order number. I asked where it was and he replied that the warehouse didn't open for an hour but he would email me that info.

I heard nothing. I inquired to healthypets customer service by email Wednesday (26th) - I received an automated response that healthypets had received my request - but no response followed. On Thursday (27th) I received an email stating my order had been shipped that day -- 8 days after customer rep George had told me it would. It would not arrive until July 5.

I immediately went to the online chat and told customer rep Edward I was very dissatisfied and felt they should overnight my order. He immediately passed me to his supervisor Jose who refused my request - he offered an additional discount or 1 free item that would arrive by July 2nd. I said I did not want discounts or freebies - only a timely arrival of my order. I asked if he would send my entire order so that it would arrive the 2nd -- I would refuse the original order scheduled to arrive on the 5th.

He refused. He didn't seem to feel any responsibility to fix the situation. I asked to speak with someone else - anyone else. He said only the President and Vice-President were above him and they would not speak to me.

I cannot believe the unresponsiveness to my emails, phone calls and online chats.

It is absolutely inexcusable to have an order placed June 15, be told it would be shipped the 20th - then have it actually be shipped the 27th and it not be scheduled to arrive until July 5.Healthypets may offer some appealing prices - but, that doesn't much matter if it takes this long to get what you pay for.

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Healthy Pets - Catawba county animal services dont put pics inpaper

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Update by user Dec 21, 2011

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2011

catawba county animal shelter dont put picks of animals for adoption in news paper so every one can see what thay have and try to adopt some out insted of put them to sleep i called beverly perdue and nothing done and kay hagen did nothing i need to know who to call thay will help these dogs and get them adopted we need animal rights people to step in and help it a shame not to get these cats and dogs adopted i called the county commishers and nothing done we need some help from some where soon.thanks

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some one should call humane socity of nc

Healthy pets .comsent can of lean dog and already been open

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i ordered a can of lean dog and it was done open when thay sent it to me and cant get my money back the ups man must have opened it and got some out and sealed the the can back up and give it to me dont order anthing from these people. when you go online thay can sell you anthing you dont get to see it before you buy it and it a rip off don work how heard of dog diet pill thay said thay would send my money but havent seen it yet im gogging to betterbusiness services

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i have my dog pills do you know how to read your probley a *** scooper


your a nosey ***


ireported you to this web siteyour a goffy ***


Right...the UPS man needed your dog food. You're a ***.


OMG WOW! that is a shame! Do you have a product number or SKU number we can refrain from using ?

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